When Is It Time to Replace your Carrier Air Conditioners?

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Air Conditioners in Barrie, ONThe last thing you want to do in a hot Canadian summer is to be left without the comfort of working air conditioners. When your units start to fail, you’re faced with a decision: should you try to repair your existing air conditioners or have them replaced? Carrier air conditioners are known for the reliability and durability; however, they will eventually need to be repaired or replaced, particularly if the warranty period has passed.

Most of the time, a simple replacement part will suffice in getting your Carrier air conditioner to work again; however, if you’re wondering if it is time to replace your units, take these three things into consideration:

  1. The Efficiency of your Carrier Air Conditioner- Your current air conditioner is only as efficient as it was at the time of its manufacture. That means if your air conditioners are 25 years old, chances are they are not nearly as efficient as units on the market today. A newer model can save you significant amounts on your utility bill and will be better for the environment.
  2. Your Carrier Air Conditioner’s Age- Carrier air conditioners can last 20+ years and have warranties to match. However, the general life expectancy for any given air conditioning unit is about 8 to 12 years. Realistically if your air conditioner is 10 years or older, it is time to seriously consider a replacement or upgrade, since as air conditioners continue to age, they are more likely to suffer breakdowns or other problems.
  3. The Condition of Your Carrier Air Conditioner- Honestly ask yourself what the condition of your air conditioner is. Carrier is a reputable company that builds reliable units and has excellent warranties; however, if your unit is past its lifespan or experiencing problems beyond the scope of the warranty, it is time to consider a replacement. Replacing a faulty unit with a new Carrier model is the way to go to save you money and increase comfort inside your home.


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