How often should I change my filter?

As often as possible. It is usually recommended to replace a filter once a month if you’re using a throw-away type. If you are using a washable filter, then wash as needed, depending on the dynamics of the home such as dust and animals.

If I upgrade to high efficiency products, will I notice a difference on my gas/hydro bills?

Absolutely. You will definitely see drastic changes on your next bill. Mid-efficiency furnaces are typically running at around 80% efficiency, which declines over the years. Some older units may run up to 60% less efficient than newer high efficiency models which run at 92% – 96% efficiency. Think about it; your furnace uses about 80 cents out of every dollar of gas being utilized, and new models are using 96 cents of every dollar of gas. In addition, hydro on newer furnaces is alot more cost efficient with the new ECM motors. You could save hundreds of dollars every year by switching to an ECM Variable speed blower in your new furnace.
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How long do furnaces and air conditioners last?

How long do furnaces and air conditioners last? Older models can be loud and inefficient, but that’s not to say they won’t run for long time. Some older units last up to 30 years without replacing parts. Others may last a few years and require that parts be replaced. Getting your furnace serviced and cleaned annually is a very smart decision to prolong its life. The models we install have up to 10 year warranties, so even if your unit breaks, we will come out and fix it no charge! The reason they give warranties like this is because they rarely break down.