The Advantages of Natural Gas Fireplaces

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When colder weather threatens, a natural gas fireplace can help you warm the whole house and keep your family nice and comfortable all day and night. Nothing sounds more perfect than cozying up with a loved one while the flames in your fireplace flicker and glow. However, there are more pros to natural gas fireplaces than aesthetics alone. Here are some more advantages to outfitting your home with a natural gas fireplace:

  • Fireplaces in Barrie, ONNatural gas fireplaces provide consistent heat, unlike wood-burning models.
  • There’s no need to buy, chop, or haul firewood.
  • No damage or harm to forests is caused because there is no need for firewood to maintain your fireplaces.
  • There are no ashes from wood burning, which means less clean up. Also, since they don’t produce sparks, they are great for households with children and pets.
  • Natural gas fireplaces are safer, since there are no fumes or particles being released into the air in the home.
  • No chimney is required. Since natural gas fireplaces normally have venting systems, they do not require that you have a chimney in your home to be operational.
  • Since there is no chimney, the need to professionally clean a flue from a wood-burning fireplace is eliminated, saving you money.
  • Due to their high efficiency, natural gas fireplaces can significantly reduce your energy bills.
  • Natural gas fireplaces are outfitted with blowers that help to circulate air around your home. Because of this, they tend to spread warmth throughout the home– not just in the area where the fireplace is.
  • Installation costs for natural gas fireplaces are often cheaper than their wood-burning counterparts.

If you are interested in installing a natural gas fireplace in your Barrie, ON home, contact us at Southern Comfort HVAC.

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